Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rock...and roll

Due the Grungy Monday challenge there is a lot of rock candy flying around blogland this week so I thought I'd share some rock of a different sort.

Last night, hubby and I went out for an event he's been excited about for months and months (literally, we got the tickets as soon as they were released last year!)....Iron Maiden live at Nottingham Arena.

I'm not as big a fan as my husband is so to be honest I didn't recognise half the more recent songs they played, but the classics were great and they definitely put on a fantastic stage show including giant monsters. Although I have to admit I spent far too much of the show laughing quietly to myself about a middle-aged guy in the row in front of us who was headbanging then swishing his long curly hair around (in the lap of the girl sat behind him!) like he was in a Pantene advert.

There are already videos of the show people have put up on YouTube (aah the wonders of the internet age), so here's a couple of clips.

ciao for now

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  1. Hey, my husband went to see Iron Maiden in Newcastle! (I managed to give it a miss!) He LOVED it!


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