Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Starting As I Mean To Go On

Hi All and a belated happy New Year! 

Anyone who has read my blog before may well realise that I'm a little sporadic in posting and seem to start every post with "it's been a while". I could blame my son for taking up my time (not that I mind!), but I think my problem really is that I have lots of ideas and when I do sit down to work, I'm stuck like a rabbit in headlights not knowing what to do first or how to do it.  So this year I've signed up to Wanderlust! This is a year long online course organised by Kasia and Jamie from Artist Trading Post. I hope it will give me inspiration, confidence, and the technical knowledge to bring my ideas alive. 

This is my first wanderlust art journal page - "flight". It represents the hope that I can take my learning and fly with it and also the fear that I am using art as an excuse to put off thinking about getting a real job again now my son is growing up and not long off starting school.

The first guest tutor on Wanderlust is Kate Crane. Although quite different to my usual style, I love her bright, vibrant work. I am still working on the project from her class, but I have used some of the ideas to make this birthday card for my friend. 

Obviously it would be unfair to go into detail about techniques etc. from these classes, so I will leave it as just pictures. If you want to join Wanderlust you still can. There is a link in my side bar. So far I would highly recommend it!

I hope to be back very soon (but no promises - I know myself too well ;-) )

Sarah xx

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