Thursday, 12 May 2011

Umm...Mind Controlled Cat Ears!

Not a crafty post I'm afraid, but I saw something that amused me so much I just had to post about it....

I find that a lot of crafty people, me included, are also cat people - and by that I mean they like cats, not that they are half human, half cat, you understand.

I'm not entirely sure everybody gets that distinction:

A Japanese company called Neurowear have created a fluffy pink cat eared headband that picks up on brain signals and uses them to wiggle the ears! Supposedly they prick up when the wearer is concentrating and flatten down when the wearer is relaxed.

Here is a great video of them in action. Just think of the potential for things like speed dating if you have ears that actually prick up when you're attracted to someone!

Although most of me says this is completely bonkers, a small part of me would really quite like some! I wonder if they come in purple :0)

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