Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wishlist - bird stamps

I'm a bit obsessed with birds and butterflies at the moment so I've been browsing a lot of websites looking for cool bird rubber stamps (which is pretty silly because all I end up doing is getting frustrated with all the fantastic stamps I want and can't really justify buying!). I thought I'd show you some of my favourites (if I haven't messed up the pics should be links to the online shops where I saw them).

Memory box: spooky collage Memory box: distressed crows Memory box: words to birds Invoke: blackbirds 4 Darkroom door: love birds Eco Green Stamps: wings Crafty Individuals: free as a bird Cart-Us: birds on a branch

The first three are all from Memory Box Stamps and I absolutely love them, especially the distressed crow one - so wonderfully gothic. The wings one is more a butterfly theme but a couple of the sets of wings look far more birdlike to me - there's a wonderful tattered pair that I can see endless uses for.

Oh well, my birthday's coming up so I may have an excuse to have a spending spree soon :0)

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