Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year, New Project!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all! Hopefully it will be a good one.

For the start of the 2012 I thought I needed to give myself a bit of a challenge, a crafty project I've fancied trying for a while:

It's a real vintage printers tray, purchased off Ebay and it arrived yesterday - I was a little overexcited :0)

It needs a bit of cleaning and I'm debating over removing some of the dividers to create larger sections, but it has some lovely brass details which will look gorgeous polished up.

I might have mentioned in a previous post that hubby and I are hopefully buying a house, so I guess I got the printers tray with the idea of it being a nice interesting bit of decor for the new house. However, things with the house aren't progressing quite as well as we hoped, so like the weather, I'm feeling a bit bleak about it today (seriously spooky stormy light outside at the moment!). Going to keep my fingers tightly crossed because I really don't want to have to start the house hunt all over again.

Anyway, at least I've got my crafty project to keep my mind off the house for now. The only question is: 95 sections - where the heck do I start?



  1. Wow! what a great find - look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Emma - The Sparkly Fairy

  2. Oooh it looks fabulous I bet you enjoy playing with this. Good luck with the house x

  3. You lucky thing you! So looking forward to seeing the finished product! Fingers crossed for the house! :)



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